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A few years ago, a friend told me that to lead a successful life, we should first imagine a four burner cooking range. Before I could protest, he held up his hand and asked for my indulgence. “The four burners represent your family, your friends, your career and your health,” he said. “You can only have three burners on at the same time. You have to choose which burner to turn off.”

You have to choose which burner to turn off. Let that marinate in your mind a bit.

Family. How many birthdays have I forgotten?

Friends. How many invitations to lunch have I ignored?

Health. How many bad meals have I had? Lack of sleep?

Career. Have I done enough to make my business better?

Do we choose which burner to deliberately turn off? And how high do we keep the flames? How high should they go?

I demanded an immediate answer from my friend, but he was not so forthcoming. “The point of this exercise is to generate questions,” he said. “About your own life and how you manage it.”

I thought about those people whose stress levels were so high they chose to shut off all four burners and start over. These people are often in the news, living in the streets, or in caves, their co-workers, friends and families lost to them. I can’t speak with authority about their health, but how healthy can you be if you’re living in the streets?

On the other side of the spectrum are those people who seem super human, who keep all four burners at a steady high, and somehow manage to maintain a perfect balance in their lives, to the envy of us all.

As for the rest of us, aren’t we just trying to achieve a sense of balance? Sadly, achieving balance seems like a brass ring always out of reach, as our lives go at the steady pace of a carousel or, in some cases, careen out of control, spinning wildly in space.

I thought about the supply of energy for our stoves. Surely, it must be finite. We all need to recharge, to regenerate, to push out the detritus of our lives. To refill our gas tanks.

And that led me to the activities we can do, in small increments, which change our physical and mental being. Tiny changes in our lives that help us revive, recover and rejuvenate.

We all hear about eating right and regular exercise. But how about a massage? I speak not as a spa owner, but as a massage addict. A simple massage, on a regular basis, calms the mind, the spirit and the body. I can’t imagine a quicker way to recharge your batteries. Or refill your gas tank.

There’s something mysterious about hands pushing against your muscles that lower your blood pressure and increase your sense of well-being. I can show you scientific evidence proving the value of a great neck rub. If you're ever in need of a pro massage well done, come to Flic Spa! We’ll fill your gas tank faster than you can use those burners up!

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