Melange of Lomi-Lomi and Hot Stone massages. Elements Facial. The PERFECT Hawaiian Getaway!

                                                    2 Hrs 15 Min / $295

Wailea Package

Luscious body scrub treatment with marine elements and ginger cinnamon elixir. Hot Stone massage with heated lemongrass essential oil. Balinese Foot Reflexology. Elements Facial. Om Suastiastu!

                                                            3 Hours / $395

Bali Package

Enter Nirvana with a melange of three Pacific massage styles that promotes balance and energy flow. Full body exfoliation with marine elements and fine herbs. Finishes with our ultimate art of healing, using the transformative power of tropical storms. 

                                                            2 Hours / $320

Flic Signature Raindance Therapy

A luxury trip to the islands, fit for Royalty! Your journey begins with a Balinese scrub using a blend of marine elements and fine herbs. Purifying seaweed body wrap. Hair and scalp treatment. Flic Raindance Therapy. Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi and Hot Stone massage with heated Shea butter, virgin coconut oil and Pekake blossoms. Ends with Microdermabrasion facial with collagen treatment. WARNING! Highly addictive!

                                                            4 Hours / $595

Flic Signature Royal Package


Comes with Flower Foot Soak and Tea Service