Pacific Massages

Philippine Hilot

Traditional healing massage from the Philippine archipelago. Releases blocked channels and encourages energy flow via by assisted stretches and trigger point healing. Virgin coconut oil infused with sampaquita flower essences soothes and hydrates the skin.

60 minutes - $130

90 minutes - $180

Balinese Jamu

Deep Flowing full body massage from Indonesia, whose origins date back to the ancient healing arts of India and China. Oil of lemongrass infuses the spirit with tranquility and nourishes the skin.

60 minutes - $130

90 minutes - $180

Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi

Ancient healing art from Hawaii, based on the hula dance and the spirit of Aloha. Virgin coconut oil infused with the essence frangipani blossoms is massaged into the skin. Fluid and wave-like, akin to the rhythm of the ocean on the surf. Relaxation is deep, profound and immediate.

60 minutes - $130

90 minutes - $180

Flic Signature

Enter Nirvana with our signature treatment! A melange of three Pacific massage styles - Lomi-Lomi, Jamu and Hilot - all in one magnificent treatment. Mango and tea infused oil anti-oxidizes and nourishes the skin. Indescribably beautiful, a poetry of dance-like moves that will leave you in a breathless, near-hypnotic state.

60 minutes - $135

90 minutes - $190

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