Traditional Massages


Traditional massage developed in Sweden, proven to induce profound relaxation in the mind and body. Increases blood circulation, improves sleep and calms the muscles.

60 minutes - $95

90 minutes - $140

Deep Tissue

Intensive massage that targets specific muscle knots and encourages natural recovery. Relieves trigger points in overworked muscles and supports the cycle of healing.

60 minutes - $120

90 minutes - $170


Massage using the finest essential and aromatic oils to induce deep relaxation and raise the spirits.


60 minutes - $115

90 minutes - $165

Hot Stone

Massage with heated river stones that deeply penetrates the muscle. Sublimely soothing and relaxing.


60 minutes - $125

90 minutes - $180


Soothing mommy massage to ease swelling and discomfort, especially in the lower back, legs and feet. Improves circulation and reduces pain reception. Recommended after first trimester.

60 minutes - $105

90 minutes - $150


Massage with firming serum, to help restructure the body, skin elasticity and muscle tone.  Assists in  counter acting postpartum blues and sleep disturbances.

60 minutes - $105

90 minutes - $150

Foot and Hand Relexology

Ancient Asian art of invigorating massage that targets chi points to revive and rejuvenate tired and abused hands, feet and calves. 

60 minutes - $120

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