Flic Mini Treatments

Flic Express

Relaxing full body Swedish massage, uncompromising Flic Spa quality

50 minutes - $85

Head, Neck, Shoulder and Back

Relaxing full body Swedish massage. Uncompromising Flic Spa quality.

50 minutes - $85

Scalp, Neck and Shoulder

Relieves headaches caused by shoulder and neck tension. Feel refreshed and revived again.

30 minutes - $55


Targets specific knots in the upper and lower back muscles. Relive the vim and vigor of youth.

30 minutes - $60


Vigorous and intensive massage of the feet and calves. Feel light as a feather.

30 minutes - $65

Body Glow

A body treatment to smooth and hydrate the skin. A perfect add-on to a massage.

30 minutes - $85

Face Refresh

Quick refresher facial with proven results. Improves skin texture, hydration and clarity.

30 minutes - $80

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