Customized facials based on your specific needs and concerns. Packed with natural botanicals and cutting-edge skin care science.  Visibly refines, revives and rejuvenates the complexion.

                                                               60 minutes - $120


Jump-start acne clearing and prevent future breakouts. Meticulous cleansing and professional exfoliation to refine and unclog pores. LED Therapy to kill bacteria, reduce redness, inflammation, and oil production. A mineral-rich mask purifies, minimizes pores, and hydrates skin.

                                                               60 minutes - $160

Skin Resurfacing

Powerful yet gentle liquid exfoliants effectively resurface skin to reveal vibrancy and clarity. Revives dormant skin cells and coaxes them into active regeneration. Targeted serums alleviate and reverse environmental damage and congestion.

                                                               60 minutes - $175

Anti-Aging w/Collagen

Superlative protocol designed to regenerate skin with the signs of photo-aging, premature lines, and sun damage. Halt the biochemical reactions that trigger aging skin cells and help return firmness and elasticity. Restructuring serums release potent vitamins and peptides to achieve skin that appears younger than its years.

                                                               75 minutes - $195


The premier resurfacing treatment with proven skin revitalizing benefits. Diamonds vibrate away dullness, coarseness, and congestion. Immediately lifts lines and wrinkles, diminishes pores, and reduces pigmentation. Accelerated cell renewal results in luminous and radiant skin.

                                                               75 minutes - $195


Addresses the age and hormonal specific skin concerns of teens. Gentle cleansing, exfoliation, and masques calm and nourish teenage complexions.

(17 yrs and younger)

                                                               60 minutes - $110