About us




Welcome to Flic Spa.  And to your well-being.


Fifteen years ago, we opened Flic Spa, the fulfillment of our dreams to lead a life of our own making.


Flic Spa is an extension of our home, a reflection of our culture and hospitality, and an oasis for healing.


Inspired by the happy memories of our life in the tropics, we adorned our spa with handcrafted objects of Asian art, to immerse you in the beauty of our many cultures, to send you on a vacation, without the flight.


We showcase the traditional healing arts unique to the Philippines, Bali and Hawaii and recall ancient healing rituals passed down from generation to generation.  Our skincare therapies highlight the riches of our native flora, and our massages evoke the primal dances of the Pacific.


Most of all, we wish to share with you our dream come true, the culmination of our life’s efforts.


Salamat po!


Flic Spa


Flic Spa stands by Black Lives Matter.  As a gay, Filipino couple, we have been subjected to racism and homophobia.  We understand the harm and pain they cause.   We hope and work for the day when we are all treated equally and fairly.